Flawless Strategic Planning: Before, During & After

Strategic Planning Toolkit developed by Bob Harris, CAE.

Strategic Planning Toolkit: Successful organizations develop and rely on a strategic plan to serve as a roadmap for leaders and staff. Without a plan an organization may wander from issue to issue or find itself “putting out fires.” A plan commits priorities to writing and serves as a guide to achieving results.

Purpose of a Strategic Plan A strategic plan serves as a roadmap – especially important in organizations where volunteers frequently transition. A plan guides the board of directors, committees and staff.

It informs members what they can expect from the organization. Interested persons and organizations gain insights from the plan. It identifies priorities, and allocation resources accordingly.

An organization without a plan is swayed each year by the interests of the current leadership. Leadership requires vision and the plan is a guide for the entire team to reach a meaningful destination or outcome.

The plan frames nearly every activity and discussion. A plan empowers leaders and staff to question why a project is being undertaken if it does not fit within the plan.

Guiding Documents 1) Mission Statement (purpose for existence) 2) Articles of Incorporation (relation to state government) 3) Bylaws (relation to members) 4) Policies (interpretation of governing docs) 5) Strategic Plan (3 to 5 year roadmap) 6) Annual Budget (annual financial plan) 7) Business Plan (annual program of work)

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